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What if you could create the change that you desire for yourself and your family? 

On this monthly tele-class we will be introducing life-changing techniques and practical tools to rapidly re-balance the brain, body and emotions. These amazing techniques help to resolve most life issues; old issues dissolve and more ease, joy, happiness, and fun emerge

FREE Monthly Tele-Class ~ Tools and Techniques to Create Change

To prepare for the call, bring a list of 3-4 things that you would like to have different in your life. Any topic can be brought to the call to be cleared such as beliefs that are limiting you, judgments about yourself or others, unpleasant past experiences, fears, worries, phobias, personality patterns, finances, etc.

In the beginning of the call I will be teaching self-clearing tools. You can use these tools to clear yourself when things come up in daily life. Near the end of the call I will be using energy clearing processes that are done silently and anonymously. People notice that after the call, the topics they addressed feel lighter and more neutral.
Join us in clearing what is in your way so you can more easily create the change you desire.

DATE: First Tuesday of each month
TIME:  7 - 8 p.m.
COST: Free! 

RSVP to Confirm Attendance. The Tele-Class number will be emailed to you., (805) 630-6281

LIFE COACHING:Tele-classes

 5 Days to Start Creating The Life You Desire  

           5 Weekly 1-Hour Tele-Classes 

Julie is a catalyst for change and possibilities! She will be using and teaching tools and techniques to clear emotional and energetic patterns that may be getting in the way of you creating the life you desire. She'll teach you how to create your own self-clearing statements, and how to ask questions to open your awareness to even better possibilities.

 Let's Play!   How Does it Get Any Funner?

What if you could create a life even better than you imagined?  In this tele-series Julie will assist you in opening your awareness to possibilities you haven't even considered for your life. What if your life had way more ease, more joy, and more fun?

Know What Is True For You And Trust It!

- Ask questions to tap into your inner knowing and what’s true for you

Live In The Question To Build Your Awareness
- Questions expand; Judgements contract

Be In Allowance Of You And Others

You Are Always At Choice, Choose For You!
- What if every choice could expand your life & future?
- Choice creates awareness

Expand Into Your Capacity - The Greatness Of You!
- How much time do you spend judging you?
- Follow what brings you joy

CLASSES: Free Introductory Class TBA

RSVP to Confirm Attendance. The Tele-Class number will be emailed to you.
                , (805) 630-6281

Bonus Gift!   45 minute private coaching session with Julie anytime during the 5 weeks

ongoing Events:

Office:   (805) 929-3049     Mobile: (805) 630-6281



 Individual Life-Coaching Sessions & Packages   Learn More...

Conscious Nurturing For Essential Change

Julie Nevison

 Individual Life-Coaching Sessions & Packages   Learn More...