Conscious Awareness For Essential Transformation

Julie Nevison

Julie is a remarkable teacher. Just hearing her on the phone quells the inner storm of anxiety for me and helps me come to center. She is a strong, wise, and grounded teacher; Her experience is invaluable. She really helps to reinforce my intuition and validate what I already know to be right for my family and I. Julie is a special woman and her talents are unmatched. I am so grateful to have this kind of talent so close to me. Through her stories, experience, and education I have learned, and am continuing to  learn how to listen to myself... often times one of the simplest, but hardest things to do in a world constantly telling you to be someone else. She set me in the right direction and I am a stronger person because of her.  I can't say enough about her and I encourage anyone struggling to give her a call. She's better than any therapist I've ever spoken to.

Holly H. Massage Therapist, CA

Julie came into my life came at a time when I desperately needed  help to improve some very dysfunctional dynamics in my family.  My work with her helped to restore connection, cooperation, and joy back into our home!  I would highly recommend her to any parent who wishes to improve their family relationships, have a better functioning home, and who wouldn’t mind having more fun! 

Before I met Julie my toddler had seemed to have the typical initial challenges adjusting to our new baby.  While my daughter has never been “easy” as she is a strong willed and independent little person, and discipline had always been a struggle for us, our family has enjoyed a loving and functional life together for the most part.  But things started escalating to the point where around her third birthday (baby was 6 months) my daughter was having multiple tantrums a day (sometimes where she would run away from me), often grumpy, violent towards her little sister, and power struggles were the norm.  I found myself increasingly annoyed by and intolerant of her, and yelling more than I’d like to admit, not to mention the pure physical and emotional exhaustion of operating on minimal sleep.  It got to the point where we were so triggered by each other that she would burst into tears at the mere sight of me, and I of course, was heartbroken, confused, and felt like a failure as a parent.  As much as I strived to be patient, listen, and empathize, in the heat of the moment I often found myself without the tools to respond in an effective, loving, and non-triggered way.

Enter Julie.  I found her parent classes from a google search on-line and met with her the very next day.  She introduced me to the parenting method she used on her own children which doesn’t use reward or punishment.  Instead it fosters connection, understanding, and empathy.  It teaches you how to really listen to your child and see beyond the behavior to their deeper need - how to walk in their shoes.  What more, it encourages emotional processing and how to guide them through their emotions. 

Along with this method Julie also worked with me on helping to identify and let go of triggers and old beliefs through a method called the Bars and Access.  I discovered that I was conditioned to believe that giving positive attention to negative behaviors would result in negative reinforcement, therefore spoiling my child.  This limited me from truly connecting and empathizing with my daughter when she was being “bad”.  Julie worked with me on how to transform a number of deep held conditioned beliefs and triggers.

 The first week or so of trying these methods was a bit terrifying and counter-intuitive, and took a huge leap of faith.  But I stuck with it and once I started identifying and beginning to get past the old triggers and beliefs, much of it felt intuitive and simply right.  I now feel more present, confident, and loving in my interactions with my daughter.  My priorities and perspectives have shifted in a way that there is more lightness, play, and space in our day.  And my daughter is so much more cooperative and joyful!  She has hardly had a tantrum since consistently using these methods, and even when she has her off moments, I am not scared or anxious on how to respond anymore.  I can confidently and calmly support her through it.  I even notice my husband adopting many of these strategies.  Our entire home has truly been transformed – we are having fun again!  I am so grateful to Julie for giving me the tools, the support, and the permission to be the kind of parent I’d always imagined myself to be! 

 ~Laura G.  San Luis Obispo, Ca

You have changed my whole way of thinking. You are an amazing teacher! In just a short amount of time, what we have accomplished is ground breaking and I never even thought it was possible! I am in a very tough position and still find positivity when I used to feel there was no light at the end of the tunnel............I would recommend you to anyone going through any kind of issues with their children. Your system makes sense and the thing I like most is, no matter what dilemma may arise, if you stick to the basic tools you provide in the beginning you will always have simple basic ways of working through things.  A 10 star system - and that's coming from a professional fighter who runs on systems!!!!

~Preston, San Luis Obispo, Ca

After attending only one of Julies free Energy Clearing Tele-class  I immediately began using  the tools with much success!  Though the relationship did not mend, the burden I carried for it was relieved.  I was able to show up and be clear in my purpose without clouding my energy with theirs. What a relief!


~Katherine G, Colorado

I wanted to thank you for what you do. Your work is very powerful and very much needed.f After your class last night I woke up this morning feeling much "lighter" and jumped into anatomy studying just because I wanted to. Thank you!

Jennifer Stover, Doula
, California

We are so grateful to have found Julie and this parenting class. Our relationship with our kids now feels more connected, loving, and relaxed.  Julie is such a calm, informative teacher and really helped us improve ourselves as individuals in addition to as parents. We highly recommend embarking on the journey to a happier, peaceful future for your family.

~Brooke and Kevin

After our first coaching session I am doing and feeling so much better! I have been implementing some of the information you gave me.   You really helped me be a confident wife and mother!  I wanted to express my gratitude!  Thank you!

Crystal T. Lakeside CA

Julie came into my life came at a time when I desperately needed  help to improve some very dysfunctional dynamics in my family.  My work with her helped to restore connection, cooperation, and joy back into our home!  I would highly recommend her to any parent who wishes to improve their family relationships, have a better functioning home, and who wouldn’t mind having more fun! 

 Laura G.  San Luis Obispo, Ca

Life Coaching

Julie's approach to parenting has been a total game changer for my son, his father and I and even grandma. I was having such a hard time with extreme tantrums and being utterly exhausted all the time and Julie changed the way we parent for ever. My son is so happy and things run much smoother. This series was a blessing for me and worth every penny. I can't say enough about her approach. If you're having a hard time, take the leap and sign up for this series, it will give you and your family peace!

Holly H. Massage Therapist, CA

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I have read and tried a lot of different parenting books/approaches and found good information but still felt that a huge piece of the puzzle was missing.  Not only has Julie's class given me the missing, BEAUTIFUL piece, this approach is a much easier, better, by far, more effective, easier to put together puzzle.....way of parenting.  I am in awe!!!! 

I am so thrilled with what I have learned from Julie.  It has been a powerful, eye opening experience to learn what is really going on in my children's brains when they are upset or uncompliant and to have powerful tools to support them, show them love, and build a trusting bond with them during these hard times.....and good times.

The very next morning, I used one of the tools Julie shared and was shocked by how quickly it more deeply connected me with my children and was touched by their sweet interactions back to me and towards each other.  We had such a calm, happy morning and there truly was a deeper love and respect between us.  I am so grateful I attended this class!
Amber G Atascadero, CA

I am reflecting on the relationship I was building with my 6 year old son.  I was unhappy about the frequent outbursts, but mostly about the way I responded to him.  Julie offered not only tools & tips to diffuse a moment of tension, but also to recognize the root cause & reduce the occurrence of tantrums.  I have been able to better meet my son’s needs, which created a stronger connection, and our day-to-day routines have become pleasant & enjoyable.  I highly recommend learning from Julie how to parent in a way that will make you proud to be a parent!"

~Amber, San Luis Obispo

I was sharing with a friend from work about a particularly hard day I'd had with my son when I had lost my temper and felt terrible, and my friend recommended Julie Nevison's Tears and Tantrums class.  I signed up for the next available class, and I am so glad that I did!

~Colleen, San Luis Obispo

Julie first came into my life when I needed help adjusting to mothering 2 children. I felt I had no tools to raise and discipline a toddler. The parenting course gave me tools to listen and see my child where he is - not where or what I want him to be.

Two years have gone by and I reached out to Julie in a desperate time- now having a 2 year old and 4 yr old- and my oldest having some special needs- I needed tools to handle rage, Exhaustion, frustration and confusion With her deep listening and getting to the root of my issues I felt almost instant relief- like we were able to tap into that program of rage and rewire it I have felt a huge release since that day - a lot of grief lifted and guilt as well I'm not free of rage but I can observe it much more and I know that is deeply healing for me.

Jillian K. Templeton, CA

 Parent Coaching

I  have benefitted more from working with Julie in 2 sessions than I have in a year of therapy with a psychotherapist.

~Shannon H.

Before Julie I was parenting on auto pilot.  I would hit my limit and yell and be triggered by my child's behavior. After taking the classes I am now more aware as a parent, and consciously changing the way I parent for the better.  The class gave me awareness to what was happening with my child emotionally, and gave me the tools to help him cope and to help me cope through his big emotions.  I know parent from a place of compassion instead of annoyance.  It can only get better from here!

 ALEXANDRA P. Arroyo Grande, CA

I came out of this class feeling excited.  Like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I have been given some powerful  tools. The tools to build an emotionally healthy connection with my child. The tools to teach our family to be emotionally aware and create a close parent-child relationship.  I feel lucky to have discovered this class and am looking forward to feeling the difference it will make in our lives.

~ Sarah Parks