Conscious Awareness For Essential Transformation

Julie Nevison

~ Starter Coaching Package (3 sessions):  $315 – a $60 discount

~ Phone Coaching Session:  $125/hr.  Your first session includes
one free ½ hour follow-up session.

Although classes are available, some people prefer concentrated individualized coaching. For them private sessions are recommended.

This gentle style of parenting will provide you with the tools and support you need to resolve difficult behaviors and deepen your family connections.

  • Master deep-compassionate listening that tranforms your parenting
  • Learn the brain science behind children's emotional needs
  • Set limits with warmth and authority that create more cooperation
  • Learn proven tools that resolve children’s difficult behavior
  • Clear parent triggers for more ease, joy and fun in your parenting

~ Advanced Coaching Package (5 sessions):  $475 – a $150 discount

Office:   (805) 929-3049     Mobile: (805) 630-6281



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