Punishment is power and/or control over another person.  In the long-run it creates resentment, leads to separation, erodes relationships, and it doesn’t work to change behaviors except for a temporary fix by instilling fear.  It is a bit of a bullyish tactic that gets passed on to the children, creating resentment, separation, and damaging the sibling relationships.

The Aware Parents kind and gentle way of parenting prevents the need for punishment  and keeps families closely connected for life.

Punishment Creates Disconnection!

It is not fun for children to feel upset, disconnected, and go off-track. Their off-track behavior might require that we set gentle limits to kindly bring them back into connection with us. The behavior might be a communication that they need one-on-one time with us or time to allow for an emotional release. Parent-child connection tools prevent the need for punishment by creating cooperation.

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A child’s off-track behavior is their brain communicating that they need connection and emotional support. Children’s brains’ require connection, and when the brain gets disconnected, the child is in the emotional center of the brain and is not able to think rationally.

Our Approach

With the Aware Parents Aware Kids method you will start to perceive the true gift you and your children are to each other, and step into the joy of creating an Aware, extraordinary, fun, closely-connected family for life!

 Aware Parents Aware Kids founder Julie Nevison teaches a relationship-based style of parenting-tools that create cooperation, social and emotional intelligence, and close parent-child relationships that last a lifetime. Julie teaches parents “How To Turn Tears & Tantrums into Cooperation & Closeness”, “How To Raise Successful, Happy Kids without Rewards, Punishment, Timeouts or Consequences”, and Aware Parent Tween & Teen Class - A Totally Different Way to Parent & Empower Your Tween & Teen!. The parenting tools have a 40-year history of being the “Super Protective Factor” in the teen years, and proved to be true for over 25 years with Julie’s three adult children.

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Parent-Connection Tools Create Close Parent-Child Connections and Immense Cooperation
Aware Parents Aware Kids Teaches Parent-Connection And Empowerment Tools!

Parents have lots to do and time with their children can be limited.  Parenting tools and techniques maximize the little bit of time parents have, keep the child’s brain connected,  prevent off-track behavior, and support the child in being able to cooperate.

When we know how to support our children and allow them to release their pent up emotions, by way of Tears & Tantrums, we actually provide a safe healing place for them to share with us what has hurt them in their life.  When that safe space is provided it helps the child understand emotions; creating emotional intelligence (EQ). It also creates a close connection between the parent and the child. It is that connection that creates cooperation.

Aware Parents Aware Kids teaches a relationship-based style of parenting that creates cooperation, social and emotional intelligence, and close parent-child relationships that last a lifetime.  Researchers have found the parent-child connection to be the "Super Protective Factor" that promotes positive teenage outcomes.

These tools and techniques have been proven in my family over a 25 year span; having raised three (now adult) daughters who are highly functioning on all levels in their life. This life-long support system teaches children/teen/adults how to choose safe, healthy, and close relationships.

Julie Nevison

How Does Parenting Get Easier And Funner?   
What If We Have The Tools To Prevent Difficult Behaviors?

Aware Parents Aware Kids

Children’s Off-Track Behavior is a Form Of Communication

What kind of child/teen/adult do you want to raise? One that is confident? Empowered? feels safe in the world being who they are? and growing to their potential?

We teach parent-connection tools that promote cooperation, prevent off-track behavior, and create children that are resilient and emotionally intelligent (EQ).  We also teach parents how to operate from their own awareness… inner-knowing, intuition, so that they have a clear sense of what works best for them and their family.

Most of us weren’t raised that way and we tend to parent the way we were parented. Early parental programming becomes a default “knee-jerk” reaction. However, when parents learn the tools and come from their awareness, they look for the good in their child and what their child’s innate gifts are. It becomes easy to become unconditional and in total allowance for who their children really are. That empowers the child/teen and enables them to thrive in an environment of safety, grow to their potential, and create a life that works for them. When kids are raised this way they become socially and emotionally intelligent, confident, cooperative, successful, happy and empowered kids!!  How does it get any better than that?!

Aware Parents Aware Kids

Conscious Awareness For Essential Transformation