Julie is a remarkable teacher. Just hearing her on the phone quells the inner storm of anxiety for me and helps me come to center. She is a strong, wise, and grounded teacher; her experience is invaluable. She really helps to reinforce my intuition and validate what I already know to be right for my family and I. Julie is a special woman and her talents are unmatched. I am so grateful to have this kind of talent so close to me. Through her stories, experience, and education I have learned, and am continuing to learn how to listen to myself... often times one of the simplest, but hardest things to do in a world constantly telling you to be someone else. She set me in the right direction and I am a stronger person because of her.  I can't say enough about her and I encourage anyone struggling to give her a call. She's better than any therapist I've ever spoken to.

Holly H, Massage Therapist, Arroyo Grande, Ca


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Meet Julie

Julie Nevison

Julie brings vast life experience into her teaching.  Her life began as a sensitive empathic child who experienced multiple traumas, a young adult who didn’t fit into cultural business norms and pioneered a health, wellness and green business, chose single motherhood of three daughters, and lived with a long chronic illness, all of which contributed to her transformation.  Her lifetimes of experience have provided a depth of wisdom that allows her to mentor others on their path to greater personal awareness and wisdom enabling them to make important life decisions  from a place of  inner knowing.

Conscious Awareness For Essential Transformation

Her unique interpersonal communication skills and cutting-edge relational intelligence coupled with compassionate listening and energy psychology techniques engage people in observing what they are experiencing in their minds, body and emotions to provide the clarity to see the truth of what they are creating in their lives. 

This new way of being allows people to be more at choice with each thought and feeling knowing it will rewire the brain from old habit patterns that caused suffering, to empowering thoughts and feelings that support the mind and body, therefore allowing people to follow their joy and create the life that they truly desire.