"I have benefitted more from working with Julie in 2 sessions than I have in a year of therapy with a psychotherapist."
Shannon H.

I reached out to Julie in a desperate time; having a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and my oldest with special needs.  I needed tools to handle rage, exhaustion, frustration, and confusion. With Julie’s deep listening, and getting to the root of my issues, I felt almost instant relief. We tapped into that program of rage and rewired it.  I’ve felt a huge release since that day. A lot of grief has lifted, and guilt as well. I'm not free of rage but I can observe it now. I know it was deep healing for me. Jillian T. Yoga Instructor, Templeton, Ca


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In Julie’s individual coaching sessions she helps you gain clarity and insight on the personal issue at hand. From there you can begin to make choices from an empowered position of personal awareness (inner wisdom).   Due to decades of conditioning we often need help getting in touch with our inner wise authority. Julie teaches tools and practices to strengthen the ability to operate from your inner wisdom in all areas of your life in order to create a life that is lived from your deepest Truth.  

Your inner wisdom is Your Highest Authority! 

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Julie Nevison

Conscious Awareness For Essential Transformation