Aware Parents Aware Kids

Aware Parent Tween & Teen Class

A Totally Different Way to Parent & Empower Your Tween & Teen!     

In order to support our child in their growth and potential, we need to pay close attention to our own actions, words, tone and thoughts. A harsh tone, disapproving look, or even negative thoughts about our child can shift them in a state of not feeling safe with us and into “protection mode” which creates disconnection in the relationship.

In this class you will learn to empower your child to be more of who they are, to be their brilliance, and to reach their highest potential. We do that by being in allowance of who they are and focusing on their potential in order to assist them in expanding their propensities and capacities and innate abilities.

  • Learn a style of communication that supports the parent-teen relationship and avoids communication shutdown.
  • Connection tools to keep the relationship with your teen/tween; or to get it back!
  • Understanding the teenage brain’s need for social connections, novelty and creativity
  • Help your teen make good decisions; with an immature brain
  • Ways to be a lighter, more fun parent and bring in healing laughter
  • Empower your teen to create a life that works for them
  • How to support yourself when you get emotionally triggered

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Aware Parents Aware Kids


Tears, Tantrums and Trauma

For Parents of Children Ages Infant to 10 Years.     

Every child has off-track moments. Emotional stress in a child’s life, such as separation, fear and anger affect their ability to think clearly which can lead to challenging behavior. Learn the latest brain science behind the need for tears and tantrums, and how to respond to your child’s emotional moments in a way that builds cooperation, resilience and a close parent-child relationship.

When we know how to support our children and allow them to release their pent up emotions, by way of Tears & Tantrums, we actually provide a safe healing place for them to share with us what has hurt them in their life. When that safe space is provided it creates a close bond between the parent and the child; a connection that becomes a life-long safe space for that child/teen/adult to share their upsets and difficult subjects with their parents through all stages of their life.

Researchers have found the parent-child connection to be the "Super Protective Factor" that promotes positive teenage outcomes. Also, this life-long support system creates social-emotional intelligence, and teaches them how to choose safe, healthy, and close relationships.

Learn more about this class in the short audio recording below:

Conscious Awareness For Essential Transformation

You have changed my whole way of thinking. You are an amazing teacher! In just a short amount of time, what we have accomplished is ground breaking and I never even thought it was possible! I am in a very tough position and still find positivity when I used to feel there was no light at the end of the tunnel............I would recommend you to anyone going through any kind of issues with their children. Your system makes sense and the thing I like most is, no matter what dilemma may arise, if you stick to the basic tools you provide in the beginning you will always have simple basic ways of working through things.  A 10 star system - and that's coming from a professional fighter who runs on systems!!!!

~Preston, San Luis Obispo, Ca



This Level 2 Tele-class will delve into a deeper meaning of how the tools and the teachings help you and your child develop emotional intelligence and relational intelligence. Emotional intelligence brings clarity to emotions and the ability to process emotions, bringing resilience to life’s challenges, a deeper level of self-awareness, and compassion for others. Relational intelligence is knowing who you are, what you are thinking, saying, doing, and feeling at all times in all relationships.  It is being skilled in creating safe, deeply connected relationships with the confidence to speak authentic truth from the heart.

What if we all knew how to be clear, conscious, authentic and

joyful in relationships?

What if were were part of the movement to create more

relational intelligence in the world?

With a deeper understanding of these tools and teachings you will know how to support your child in being aware, empowered, authentic and resilient, with the personal and relational skills to assist them in succeeding in all areas of their lives.

Tele-Class Topics:
•    Deeper understanding of the power of Stay Listening during emotional releases
•    Advanced view of the child’s brain, and reasons for off-track behavior
•    More ease in setting firm limits to avoid the need to punish (which causes disconnection)
•    The importance of being present for regular special time with your child
•    Why continue to be the light, fun, playful parent
•    Allow your child to feel completely safe being their authentic self
•    Notice, focus on, acknowledge and expand your child's unique brilliance

This class includes all of the following:

  • 1 hour private phone session for deeper personal work
  • Q & A time and replays
  • Private Facebook group to form connections and gain support

COST: $297
If your spouse has taken the Level 1 class, they can attend for free.


Evening classes (series of 4) begin TBD, 7-8:30 PM

Morning classes (series of 4) begin  TBD, 10-11:30 AM

LOCATION: Tele-class number will be provided upon payment
QUESTIONS? (805) 929-3049,

Raise Successful Happy Kids Who Want to Cooperate

w/o Punishments, Time-Outs or Consequences! 

This transformative series of 4 weekly classes is

for parents of children ages 1 to 10 years

Learn transformative new tools that create more ease, joy and fun in your family!

  • Turn tears, tantrums and trauma into healing and connecting experiences
  • Respond to emotional upsets in a way that promotes a higher intelligence
  • Resolve challenging behavior with confidence, including anger, fear, sleep issues etc.
  • Learn a style of play that changes the mood and builds confidence
  • Set firm limits in a way that promotes cooperation and connection
  • Receive support in recognizing and clearing your emotional triggers

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(805) 630-6281       

COST:  $245  Four 1 Hour+  classes


Julie Nevison

Office:   (805) 929-3049     Mobile: (805) 630-6281


Aware Parent – Level 1 Class:


Nurturing & Empowerment Practices for the early years (1-10)

​​​​This gentle relationship-based style of parenting promotes resilience, cooperation, self-awareness, intelligence (IQ), and emotional intelligence (EQ) all while deepening family connections; without the use of rewards and punishments.

  • Turn tears, tantrums and trauma into healing and connecting experiences
  • Respond to emotional upsets in a way that promotes a higher EQ & IQ
  • Resolve challenging behavior with confidence, including anger, fear, sleep issues etc.
  • Learn a style of play that changes the mood and builds confidence w/ laughter
  • Set firm limits in a way that promotes cooperation and connection
  • Recognize your emotional triggers & old style thought patterns for deeper self-understanding

                                            ~ Includes  1 follow-up Q & A Tele-class  ~

COST:  Early registration & payment by April 28, 2019        $245

Regular price: $295       Couples Discount: $490

DATE:  May 5,2019        TIME: 10 – 5 pm    1 hour lunch


REGISTER:  Venmo, PayPal:, Pay at the door

  • Aware Parents Being Aware of Their Triggers3:06

  • Turn Tears & Tantrums Into Cooperation & Closeness3:43