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We now know, and the science of epigenetics has proven, that we were programmed by the culture from age 0 to 6 and the cultural conditioning becomes what drives us 95% of the time **subconsciously**. Learning to live from our **conscious** awareness is a learned and practiced skill.  If we bring this conscious awareness into our life, our decisions will be right and true for us coming from what we **know**, not what we think; and we will develop a trust in our inner wisdom. This higher knowledge and truth can be passed on to our children so they make decisions that honor them and honor the direction of their life-purpose instead of the “old school” teachings of people-pleasing, believing authority figures, and following cultural rules.

​Conscious awareness rewires the brain towards inspiration and joy, our true state, instead of any subconscious conditioning of pain and suffering. To expedite this wisdom teaching, it is helpful to have a mentor as a guide, therefore I am offering this Awareness Workshop.

Discover the healthy self-compassionate, self-empowering way of being to support physical health, emotional intelligence, deeply connected relationships, a higher functioning family, and an abundant life!

  • Become more self-aware and emotionally aware
  • Move from over-giving to honoring your truth first
  • Be more able to handle difficult situations with ease
  • Be the healing power of deep-caring and compassion without being a martyr
  • Learn how negative emotions cause dis-ease, and how to clear them with ease

​Energy Psychology techniques will be used to clear unwanted patterns,and a simple process to clear negative emotions will be taught; <BR>after all, "emotions" are just energy-in-motion!

​Date:  Sunday December 9 10am-5 ish.  1 hour lunch break
Location: 850 Brisas Lane, Nipomo, CA

Cost: $147 (early bird by Sunday Nov-25) Pay at the door $197.
Payment options: Venmo, PayPal:, Pay at the door by cash, check or credit card

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Conscious Awareness WorkSHOP

The path to conscious parenting!

Conscious Awareness For Essential Transformation

Julie Nevison