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Conscious Nurturing For Essential Change

Change the World by Changing Your Parenting!

Conscious parenting educator & Coach

The Aware Parent empowerment and nurturing tools promote cooperation, prevent off-track behavior, and create children that are resilient and emotionally intelligent (EQ).  Parents learn how to operate from their own awareness… inner-knowing, intuition, so that they have a clear sense of what works best for them and their family.  It becomes easy to become unconditional and in total allowance for who their children authentically are,  empowering the children to thrive in an environment of safety, grow to their potential, and create a life that works for them.

Conscious Life Teacher & Mentor

Julie Nevison

Julie came into my life came at a time when I desperately needed  help to improve some very dysfunctional dynamics in my family.  My work with her helped to restore connection, cooperation, and joy back into our home!  I would highly recommend her to any parent who wishes to improve their family relationships, have a better functioning home, and who wouldn’t mind having more fun!   

Laura G.  San Luis Obispo, Ca

"I have benefitted more from working with Julie in 2 sessions than I have in a year of therapy with a psychotherapist."  Shannon H. Ventura, Ca

Julie Nevison is a conscious life teacher and mentor, conscious parent coach, and nutrition consultant. Her work inspires others to trust their own inner wisdom and live by what’s true for them rather than cultural conditioning.  Her gentle personality and depth of life wisdom empowers others to see more deeply what is happening in their lives, to get to their Truth of what is best for them.   Read More